Monday, November 30, 2009

I love that everytime I go out I always see different people with different outfits. Most of New Zealand is quite casual in terms of dressing, but there are also some that choose to shop completely at op shops and come up with their own unique styles. and there are some that choose to shop completely at Designer Stores, in New Zealand we have the likes of Karen Walker, Kate Sylvester, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and much much much more. Many people I see on the street inspire me to come up with my own unique styles and not follow trends all the time, and I also like sewing some of my clothes so noone else has the same outfit as me.

My Styles this week:::

Tweety bird singlet.
Purple shirt I am holding, I made.
Long checkered white and red shorts which I made.

Sunglasses from a dollar store.
Green long sleeve top from ValleyGirl.
Colourful singlet from Farmers.
Multi-coloured skirt from Supre.
Camera in my camera bag - Canon Digital SLR.
I love taking photos of anything and everthing - I mostly
enjoy taking photos of people, and, trees and their shadows!!!!

Long sleeve top from ummmmmm I forgot sorry I had it for years and years and years and years...........
My shorts I made.
My ballet flats from Hannahs - a shoe store.

I am holding a Cadbury Crunchie bar - yum Yum YUm YUM!!!!!!!!
My dress is from ValleyGirl - which I wear like every week.
My pink silk top was $3 from and op shop on K Rd in Auckland, NZ.
My beach bag I got for Christmas I think. HaHAHA!!!!!!!
My socks are from whatever shop you get socks from.
My shoes were $5 from a shop called Lotsa Shoes. Bargain
seriously. I wear them every week and have done for years they
are still lasting.

Bye bye for now. Everyone have a great day and great week - remember be an individual you don't have to spend thousands just to get one look that doesn't really impress many. People might look you up and down then they will walk passed and forget what you looked like within 10 minutes. Dress to impress yourself. You could use that $2000 you plan to spend on expensive shoes bags and clothes to travel overseas somewhere amzing and buy some stylish clothes and bags and shoes from different op shops instead. then you will definetely stand out from the crowd, will be an individual. Remember even celebs shop at vintage stores, like Mary-Kate. Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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