Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ball Prom Dance.
The season of the Ball/Prom/Dance is upon us, some places sooner than others. Just thought I'd show some dresses, gowns, and just pieces that I liked, suitable for this season soon approaching us.

One other thing, I can't believe we are a third of the way through twenty ten/two thousand and ten. People say it differently, it's confusing ;)

Thank you for all of you that have chosen to follow me, I know I have barely none compared to all of you but thank you so much, I was happy to even get one. Have a great May. x

Wow!! Want to stand out, possibly be blinded? Well opt for this gorgeous fluoro yellow number. Beautiful detailing from the hips up.

100s of 1000s of trillions of dresses if you would like to look through them all.

No guessing which designer's show this is... (Chanel). Go on, be daring, get a dress with shoulder pads, or plaited facric, ropes, feathers ...

Good ol' LBD, except this has a zip. On the FRONT of the dress. Nice loose corset type style in the chest area.

Red. Backless. Beauty.

Comfy, casual, goth, rockstar, black, white, grey, fairy inspired.

Long, gorgeous deep sea blue.

Marchesa creation. Complicated. Pretty damn amazing.

Back view, front view, back view. Purple Red Yellow!! Big bows!!!

Wedding style dress which could be worn as a ball dress, in the hope of noone realizing it is supposed to be a wedding dress.

Ohh that colour, pretty. The bubble type skirt, adds volume. Puffy. Pwetty.

Looks simple and a plain blue, but quite detailed in the whole chest area.

Love the floral/rose detail at the top. The lippy matches the dress colour. No more explanations needed. Alexa is just Alexa.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Let's get some shoes, let's get some shoes ...

Some are a bit extreme and I would never wear, or buy, but some are gorgeous and I have one of these pairs below, and desperatley want the Opening Ceremony's worn by the gorgeous Chloe Sevigny. Oh and just today I saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D at the Imax cinema, which has a huge screen, goes on for days. I love the Cheshire Cat the best . Have a great weekend. x

Chanel Clogs. Yes Please. This colour too. Amazing.

Have these but with pink polkadots on black, in the wedge area.

Please may I 'borrow' a pair?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another hair competition, Outfits, Hair, and Inspiration

I had another hair modelling job for a hairdresser I met a few months ago, who has now become a friend of mine. The below photos are not from the actual shoot, they are just sort of preparation/practice you could say, photos taken by my Hairdresser on my camera. Sorry about the blur, she is not a regular user of an SLR Canon. haha. She did the hair and make up too.

(Leather jacket is my own, Heels are my own $29 down from $99, all other clothes and accessories are my hairdresser's or Servilles - the hair company my hairdresser is competing for)

Hair and outfits before/after the shoot.

Back view of hair.

Side views, Just before taking the do out, so is a bit loose and messy.

Florescent green stud earring. On the other ear was wearing a florescent pink one.

My Anna Sui leather bag I bought for about $35.

Marc Jacobs dress with my big pink button cardigan.

New foax fur coat for just under $65.

Inspiration for this week and my outfit
Both are Stunning
Love her shoes. the coat is gorgeous too.

Foax Fur selections.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Favourite Designers : And Why

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI : The amazing heels, the gorgeous dresses, and his talented drawings.

CHLOE: Cute tops and shorts, all of the heels, and most the amazing capaigns/advertisements - beautiful photography and models.

CHANEL: The shows , oh the shows, just mind blowing, so unique, so much work,effort and money gone into each one. Also, the clogs, and accessories - chain handle bags, sunglasses, and jewellery.
BALMAIN : Shoulder pad jackets, stunning dresses with sequins and jewels, ripped bleached tie dyed denim, and the amazing heels.
6 of my favourite models (above).

ALEXANDER WANG: Crop tops/midriffs, boots, cut off dresses and socks, and the the long,plaited,messy hair.

What about you? xo