Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another hair competition, Outfits, Hair, and Inspiration

I had another hair modelling job for a hairdresser I met a few months ago, who has now become a friend of mine. The below photos are not from the actual shoot, they are just sort of preparation/practice you could say, photos taken by my Hairdresser on my camera. Sorry about the blur, she is not a regular user of an SLR Canon. haha. She did the hair and make up too.

(Leather jacket is my own, Heels are my own $29 down from $99, all other clothes and accessories are my hairdresser's or Servilles - the hair company my hairdresser is competing for)

Hair and outfits before/after the shoot.

Back view of hair.

Side views, Just before taking the do out, so is a bit loose and messy.

Florescent green stud earring. On the other ear was wearing a florescent pink one.

My Anna Sui leather bag I bought for about $35.

Marc Jacobs dress with my big pink button cardigan.

New foax fur coat for just under $65.

Inspiration for this week and my outfit
Both are Stunning
Love her shoes. the coat is gorgeous too.

Foax Fur selections.


  1. Crimped hair! Looks amazing, you got so much volume in it! And that faux fur coat is great, where do you get your discounted designer stuff from? x

  2. thanks for visiting my blog! awesome that you are from NZ too!! omg I looove your outfit so much and I have been desperatly been looking for a faux fur coat where did u find one?

  3. Love the coat!!! :)