Sunday, December 20, 2009


On the last post I just did, my computer was stupid and published my post before I finished it. Sorry.

I was going to right more about Pixie Geldof's outfits, like that Tatler cover page outfit, I thought the pieces are probably not hers but she wears them so well, and i love them.

I really love her head piece and her plastic covering shoes, as well as her high-waisted pants and top. The cute black bag and blazer definetely finish it off
I was also going to say that Taylor Momsen is also one of my style icons right now. I really love all her outfits, especially the black outfit with a bright pink skirt, it is like a splash of paint was thrown on her black outfit, well not quite, the outfit's not actually that black. Sorry. But it is a very cute skirt and blazer. I also love her striped black and white dress, her zip dress, actually all of them I love.
I love her cross necklace, very long. I like how the stripes on the pockets in her dress face diagonally to the stripes in the actual dress.
I love zips. Zips Zips everywhere. The Ray-Ban's look really good with this dress.
Like the high, black, strappy shoes. Look quite high, but quite comfortable. I loove short hemline dresses, and leather jackets really suit so many different outfits. They just finish something off well, with style. Her drink and her sunnies are just what this outfit needed to get that extra fullness. The outfit is complete.
This is too cute. Absolutely love the headpiece. Like all the black detail on the white dress. Her red lippy really suits the outfit, and the plain black jacket really goes well too. I think this was an outfit she wore on Gossip Girl.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The sisters Peaches and Pixie. Could they be my style icons??

Well, certainly yes.
The two daughters of Robert 'Bob' Geldof, who is a famous Irish singer, as well as a songwriter, author, and political activist.
They both have very unique styles, very casual a lot of the time, comfortable, but still stylish.


Not really into the boots, but love the really high waisted skirt, the cute bag, and her top.

Peaches look is cute, but I do have to say I think Ashley's is very adorable, slightly better.

Love the simplicity of some of the outfits.

Really like the loafers, the jeans, and the head piece, also the glasses.


I love midriffs/crop tops and denim shorts, especially high-waisted denim shorts.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Slowly coming back into fashion??? Or quickly has come back???

I think green wasn't worn for many many years, but now people seem to always wear it, whether it be formally in dresses, or casually in jeans, and even swimwear.

There are so many different shades and types of greens, just like with any colour. The darker greens usually suit the more formal dressy occasions, whereas pale, lighter greens suit summery, casual occasions.
Hayden Panettiere, Valerie Bertinelli, Audrina Patridge, Kelly Ripa. At first glance I thought Hayden was Lindsay Lohan. Whooops. Each lady wears a triangle style bikini, but each one is slightly different.

Keira Knightly is beautiful. I love her English accent. Her dark hair, in Atonement, really suits this beautiful floor-length green dress. This is a really georgeous green. The background really suits the outfit.
This pale light green is pretty. I love the advertisements with long dresses flowing, draping, and looking like the models are flying, and are free. This dress looks like a large piece of fabric just draped on the model - Vlada Roslyakova. It really is a stunning image.

This georgeous shoulder pad short hemline Balmain green dress, looks so enchanting, magical, just takes my breath away. The shoes are amazing too. Worn by Jennifer Connelly and Natasha Poly on the catwalk. Then Natasha backstage. She is so beautiful, so is Jennifer. They wear it so well. Green suits blondes and brunettes. It really does. Sometimes just certain shades though suit certain people with certain hair or skin colour.

Julia Frakes - cute, lovely, stylish
I love her clothes, her outfits her shoes, accessories - glasses, bags, headwear.

I think this is her room. This must of been a spread is Japanese vogue or China Vogue. Lots of shoes. Beautiful. Nice outfits and cute bow in her hair. Love her rustic white draws and cupboards.

I want a bike like that. We only have moutain bikes with the wide wheels. I want those old ones with a basket, like that witsh has on the Wizard of Oz. Love her shoes. Her dresses are cute and girly. The teddy bear and chair are lovely.

Her orange drink ( possibly a juice ) looks yummy. Love her blue tights and the socks and heels combonation. The glasses suit her and I love the dresses. I love to wear dresse. Want them. They look so light and airy. The shoes on the top left and bottom right look the most comfortable.

Shoes are so so lovely and cute. Great for these hot summer days. She always wears different bags. She must have so many bags. I think most, if not all of them, are vegan bags. The fences and trees int he background are stunning. I love trees. Her poses are so adorable and fun. She definetely doesn't look 18. She is mature for her age, definetely, but she looks way younger.

Love the socks and shoes, the high blue skirt, the white top. The necklace just finishes the outfit off and the shoes. The dark blue detailing on the jacket is pretty. Cute pose. i love the colour of her hair.

Face painting

Face painting is really fun to do and to have done to you. My friend and I painted each others faces with this crayon-like face stuff, not paint. This is what it turned out like....

Me on the right. I have like a butterfly. I drew a butterfly on my friend too.

Me on the left.

Style Icon: Kate Bosworth

Over the years I have looked at Kate's style, and love it. Her shoes are cute especially the flats she wears. What she wears always looks comfortable too. She is beatiful.

I like Nicole's flats, but Kate's are the cutest. Comfortable, old vintage brown colour and the strap around the ankle.

Kate's Mary Jane flats are adorable. The three straps make them unique. They will go with denim shorts, skirts and dresses.

This looks so casual, but also so dressy, and extremely light and comfy. Good choice Kate. Shoes finish it off, and don't look too hard to walk or run in either.

They look like beautiful gold feathers. The shoes do kind of look comfy but not as comfy as the previous shoes. They are cute though.

My favourite brand over the past few years
Backstage at a show. The gathering on the clothing is so cute. I adore all these outfits, especially the two on the right, the third from the left and the one on the left - the blue is magical, so pretty.

Collection on the runway, from 2007. I love the cute drawings on the right. My favourite outfit is the cute black shoes and white dress, worn by Gemma Ward (who has just retired from modelling- miss ya Gemma).
Chloe AdvertisementI love the outfit on the right. The
background is simple in colour and
form, but so effective. The hair blowing
in the wind is so beautiful.

I love her hair and outfit on the left. The pink is so bright.

I adore both these outfits. The patchwork I would wear all year round. The detailing and materials on the dress ( on the left) is just beautiful and solovely to look at.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Headwear and Glasses

At the moment I love non-prescription black framed glasses and headwear like  big bows and small turbans. I know these were out since like 2007n but New Zealand is many many months behind in all the latest trends.

Julia Frakes: Wearing an insanely, but beautiful, multi-coloured big bow, and black framed glasses.

Chloe Sevigny: Black-framed glasses with white frame on the bottom half. They match her outfit. I love the cute outfit, and it even has a sparkly black bow. xx

Ashley Olsen: Ashley sure loves black. Her glasses shouldn't of been a too hard of a decision to wear so that it would match her outfit. The glasses are so cute.

Prada: Introducing turbans to the runway. They look so silky and comfortable. They come in a range of colours to. Bonus.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My roomie room
I was a bit bored so I took some photos of what things are in my room. Some are bought, some made created by me, my mummy, and some by my Grandad. oh old people are soooo cute.

My Duvet: One side is pink with green circle thingys, and one side is white and green checkered. I mostly have it the pink side up.

My notice boardS:
I have two notice boards. My mum made both.
The black one is a blackboard so I sometimes write notes on it with chalk. I have blu-tacked photos I have taken using film camera, and some fashion styles I found in magazines.

This pink noticeboard ( you can hardly see the pink, you used to be able to) has two A2 collages I made of fashion clothing inspirations, also houses I like and accessories, like shoes. High ones.
It also has other random stuff, like courses I want to do, birthday invites, blah blah.

Pebble Cross:
My mum made me this cross out of wood, ribbon and a frame of two different coloured pebbles. I hang it on my wall. But one pebble was falling off so I took this photo of it on my carpet. No I don't have carpet walls.

Pink Wooden Heart:
My Grandad made me this heart out of wood and he painted it pink. I hang it on my wall, and have put these little glass animals on it, like pigs and rabbits. He made it for me when I was a little rebel. Naaa not a rebel. A bit shy actually.

Really high Wooden shelves:
This wide and roof touching wooden shelf was put together by my Grandad. I store everything on it, from makeup, jewellery and hair accessories, to soft toys, books and board games.