Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some of my style icons today.

All the outfits these ladies are wearing, i totally would. Sometimes I am brave when it comes to fashion, sometimes, well, I'm not.

Julia Frakes

She really is Manhatten's Cinderella. It looks like she has pulled her clothes out of a fairytale book, or film. I love Alice in Wonderland. And I reckon I would be brave enough to wear coloured tights like hers. Her head pieces are cute. I would probably want to wear the second outfit the most. She adds variety by having long and short hemline dresses/skirts, different size bags, but she definetely likes to stick with the heels. HIGH heels.

Alexa Chung.

It looks so simple, but sometimes it takes a long time to put together outfits like this. Most of her shoes are black. I guess that makes it easier to decide what shoes to wear with what outfit, because black goes with everything.

Thanks for reading my blog. xx


  1. I love Alexa's style!!


  2. OMG I looooovveee Julia Frakes! She is adorable and has wicked style.