Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Style Icons AND school ball .......

The cute Julia Frakes is another one of my style icons. her style is cute, like Alice in Wonderland and Beatrix Potter inspired.

My ball in 2009 .

Dress : I made it - got the materials from Spotlight.
Leather jacket: About $10 from op shop - Salvation Army
Bag: My Mum's
Heels: About $20 from Number One Shoe Warehouse.


  1. darling! you are so perfect!!

  2. thanks so much!!!!!! I love your blog. do you take most of the photos yourself???

  3. heyy yes most of the photos that aren't of amazing models/fashion shows are by me ^_^
    please keep blogging <3 I've got you on my bloglovin now :)