Saturday, December 19, 2009

The sisters Peaches and Pixie. Could they be my style icons??

Well, certainly yes.
The two daughters of Robert 'Bob' Geldof, who is a famous Irish singer, as well as a songwriter, author, and political activist.
They both have very unique styles, very casual a lot of the time, comfortable, but still stylish.


Not really into the boots, but love the really high waisted skirt, the cute bag, and her top.

Peaches look is cute, but I do have to say I think Ashley's is very adorable, slightly better.

Love the simplicity of some of the outfits.

Really like the loafers, the jeans, and the head piece, also the glasses.


I love midriffs/crop tops and denim shorts, especially high-waisted denim shorts.

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