Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Style icon and another favourite model:
How could you not love this cute as a button, wide-eyed, boyish like-figured model? She real name is Leslie Hornby. She got the name Twiggy as she was very thin, thin like a twig. But she did like to eat. She was just naturally a small build. I found some adorable photos of her modelling from back in the day. She has outfits which I would love to wear and accessories too, e.g. a bicycle.

I love her bike. So adorable. Her socks and shoes too. Her dress is like those to-big-for-you checked tops that everyone wears.

Ooooo she inspired what many people wear now. It's called a midriff. Her scarf is oh. so. cutie.

Her earrings are mini disco balls. You will need a few (hundred) of those for a party. I love her dress and the buttons too.

Her cute flats go with her bob. oh she had a bob. Maybe she inspired Victoria Beckham.

Is that a big bouncy ball in the background??? It definetely looked like it at first glance.
I love how she looks like she is just daydreaming, but yet she is at a photoshoot. Magnificent.

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