Saturday, December 12, 2009

Julia Frakes - cute, lovely, stylish
I love her clothes, her outfits her shoes, accessories - glasses, bags, headwear.

I think this is her room. This must of been a spread is Japanese vogue or China Vogue. Lots of shoes. Beautiful. Nice outfits and cute bow in her hair. Love her rustic white draws and cupboards.

I want a bike like that. We only have moutain bikes with the wide wheels. I want those old ones with a basket, like that witsh has on the Wizard of Oz. Love her shoes. Her dresses are cute and girly. The teddy bear and chair are lovely.

Her orange drink ( possibly a juice ) looks yummy. Love her blue tights and the socks and heels combonation. The glasses suit her and I love the dresses. I love to wear dresse. Want them. They look so light and airy. The shoes on the top left and bottom right look the most comfortable.

Shoes are so so lovely and cute. Great for these hot summer days. She always wears different bags. She must have so many bags. I think most, if not all of them, are vegan bags. The fences and trees int he background are stunning. I love trees. Her poses are so adorable and fun. She definetely doesn't look 18. She is mature for her age, definetely, but she looks way younger.

Love the socks and shoes, the high blue skirt, the white top. The necklace just finishes the outfit off and the shoes. The dark blue detailing on the jacket is pretty. Cute pose. i love the colour of her hair.

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