Saturday, December 12, 2009

My favourite brand over the past few years
Backstage at a show. The gathering on the clothing is so cute. I adore all these outfits, especially the two on the right, the third from the left and the one on the left - the blue is magical, so pretty.

Collection on the runway, from 2007. I love the cute drawings on the right. My favourite outfit is the cute black shoes and white dress, worn by Gemma Ward (who has just retired from modelling- miss ya Gemma).
Chloe AdvertisementI love the outfit on the right. The
background is simple in colour and
form, but so effective. The hair blowing
in the wind is so beautiful.

I love her hair and outfit on the left. The pink is so bright.

I adore both these outfits. The patchwork I would wear all year round. The detailing and materials on the dress ( on the left) is just beautiful and solovely to look at.


  1. Chloe is one of my favourite brands too, I love pretty much everything they produce... I do miss the days of Stella McCartney though! I wish they would use Kate Bosworth in a campaign, she is such a Chloe Girl!

  2. I love the campaigns with Raquel and Anja. Stunning.