Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chanel. Designer. Bags. Chanel Chanel Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld is an amazing designer, very creative, as all need to be i suppose, and so talented and just well rich too. Very, very rich, I'd assume.

The famous Chanel bags are probably where he'd get a lot, if not most, of his money from, they sell like hot cakes.

I actually do not have one, they don't really sell them in New Zealand, I did see a brown one in a designer sale outlet store however a few weeks ago. It was about $4,500. Or $2,500. Hmm don't remember now. haha.

I'm sorry for not posting in a while by the way, had many assignments and exams and been a bit addicted to Tumblr too.

Which bag is your favourite ???
(Images thanks to Stockholmstreetstyle, jak&jill)