Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chanel. Designer. Bags. Chanel Chanel Chanel.

Karl Lagerfeld is an amazing designer, very creative, as all need to be i suppose, and so talented and just well rich too. Very, very rich, I'd assume.

The famous Chanel bags are probably where he'd get a lot, if not most, of his money from, they sell like hot cakes.

I actually do not have one, they don't really sell them in New Zealand, I did see a brown one in a designer sale outlet store however a few weeks ago. It was about $4,500. Or $2,500. Hmm don't remember now. haha.

I'm sorry for not posting in a while by the way, had many assignments and exams and been a bit addicted to Tumblr too.

Which bag is your favourite ???
(Images thanks to Stockholmstreetstyle, jak&jill)


  1. L0VE that last Chanel bag it's perfect!


  2. Another Kiwi!
    Your blog is amazing, you're a great inspiration
    and you posts are spot on all the time :)
    Say hi to your new follower!

    Hope you can check mine out too

  3. My favourite has to be the paper bag - great humour often = great style.

    I saw your comment on Confession's blog saying you loved street style - on my blog I'm currently posting street style images from Bestival... pop over if you fancy a gander!

    Charlotte xx

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  4. i love the second one. But all of the bags from chanel are gorgeous:)

  5. Saw that first one today somewhere else as well! Love the last one though, cute color!

    Just came across to your blog and I'm loving it! Would love it if you'd come visit mine ;)

    M from TOKYO

    Happy 2011!

    your blogs so cute!