Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Twenty Eleven

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011. New year, new challenges, new experiences, new blog posts :p

I just want to thank everyone last year who read my blog. I know I'm not a professional blogger who does posts everyday, I guess I'm not on the computer alot, but this year I would love to do more.

I was a tad addicted to Facebook last year and Tumblr, which is why I didn't blog here that much, especially later in the year. But I barely use facebook now, so this year when I'm on the net I'll try to be more on here and Tumblr - I have two:

Who wore it better???

I found a few images on of celebrities (actresses, models and singers) who are wearing similar outfits, some wearing almost the exact same outfits.

1. Tell me who you think wore the Shimmer and Sparkles trend better (and why - if you can be bothered saying why haha you don't have to) :

Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Jennifer Lopez?

2. Not only are these two ladies wearing the same dress, but the same shoes too - Christian Louboutin platforms and Leopard Lanvin dress.

Apparently Chloe wore the outfit first.

But who wore the animal print trend better?

English model Alex Curran or Chloe Sevigny?

3. Both Kate and Camilla are wearing sleeveless tops and below the knee skirts - all by Derek Lam.

Who wore Derek Lam the best?

Camilla Belle or Kate Bosworth?

xoxo KT


  1. 1- Taylor swift, I don't know why but I just love the way she looks!

    2- Alex curran, she looks better in animal print.

    3 - Camilla belle, I like her outfit better..

    Nice blog! I really like this post :D

  2. Love kate's outfit!


  3. 1 - Taylor Swift: just right amount of make up, classy and pretty
    2 - Chloe Sevigny: I think it looks better with the hair up and also the red clutch is a good addition to this look
    3 - hmmm don't know about this one..

    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment! I'm following you as well! :D New post is up so come visit! ;)

    M from TOKYO

  4. 1)Taylor Swift
    2)Chloe Sevigny
    3)Kate Bosworth

    xx Robine

  5. Hey Katie!! Thank you for the sweet comment! Happy New Year to you too! I love all these outfits and I love Kate Bosworth's style! xoxoxoo

  6. Love the leopard dress!!

    Stop by sometime, maybe we could follow each other if you like??