Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My roomie room
I was a bit bored so I took some photos of what things are in my room. Some are bought, some made created by me, my mummy, and some by my Grandad. oh old people are soooo cute.

My Duvet: One side is pink with green circle thingys, and one side is white and green checkered. I mostly have it the pink side up.

My notice boardS:
I have two notice boards. My mum made both.
The black one is a blackboard so I sometimes write notes on it with chalk. I have blu-tacked photos I have taken using film camera, and some fashion styles I found in magazines.

This pink noticeboard ( you can hardly see the pink, you used to be able to) has two A2 collages I made of fashion clothing inspirations, also houses I like and accessories, like shoes. High ones.
It also has other random stuff, like courses I want to do, birthday invites, blah blah.

Pebble Cross:
My mum made me this cross out of wood, ribbon and a frame of two different coloured pebbles. I hang it on my wall. But one pebble was falling off so I took this photo of it on my carpet. No I don't have carpet walls.

Pink Wooden Heart:
My Grandad made me this heart out of wood and he painted it pink. I hang it on my wall, and have put these little glass animals on it, like pigs and rabbits. He made it for me when I was a little rebel. Naaa not a rebel. A bit shy actually.

Really high Wooden shelves:
This wide and roof touching wooden shelf was put together by my Grandad. I store everything on it, from makeup, jewellery and hair accessories, to soft toys, books and board games.


  1. OMG your pink heart shelf is the sweetest.

  2. Thanks for your comment Kelly. I love your blog. Do you take all those photos yourself? They are so good. What part of Auckland are you from???