Sunday, December 20, 2009


On the last post I just did, my computer was stupid and published my post before I finished it. Sorry.

I was going to right more about Pixie Geldof's outfits, like that Tatler cover page outfit, I thought the pieces are probably not hers but she wears them so well, and i love them.

I really love her head piece and her plastic covering shoes, as well as her high-waisted pants and top. The cute black bag and blazer definetely finish it off
I was also going to say that Taylor Momsen is also one of my style icons right now. I really love all her outfits, especially the black outfit with a bright pink skirt, it is like a splash of paint was thrown on her black outfit, well not quite, the outfit's not actually that black. Sorry. But it is a very cute skirt and blazer. I also love her striped black and white dress, her zip dress, actually all of them I love.
I love her cross necklace, very long. I like how the stripes on the pockets in her dress face diagonally to the stripes in the actual dress.
I love zips. Zips Zips everywhere. The Ray-Ban's look really good with this dress.
Like the high, black, strappy shoes. Look quite high, but quite comfortable. I loove short hemline dresses, and leather jackets really suit so many different outfits. They just finish something off well, with style. Her drink and her sunnies are just what this outfit needed to get that extra fullness. The outfit is complete.
This is too cute. Absolutely love the headpiece. Like all the black detail on the white dress. Her red lippy really suits the outfit, and the plain black jacket really goes well too. I think this was an outfit she wore on Gossip Girl.


  1. So many people have such a problem with Taylor, I think she's amazing and dresses awesomely
    I'm glad you do too :)

  2. loving taylors look! whatever she wears always works xxxx

  3. yea she is really pretty too, and cute in the Grinch that stole Christmas. All have a great Christmas. xoxoooooxxxxxxx

  4. I love Taylor Momsen! Her style is just wow!

  5. the girl can dress!! On and off set...

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