Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy April !!

Hope you all had a great Easter. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by my blog, I really do appreciate it, I was a bit sceptical that people would want to actually look and read my blog, but Thank you.

I've just posted a little inspiration, and what I have been up to in the last few weeks. xx

I am quite in love with Miu Miu at the moment. The Mary Janes in 2010 collection are just to die for really. These shots below also seem quite effortless and have cute dresses. The pink and black bird ones with Rhinestones just leave me speechless.

Emma Roberts in Dior. I really love her shoes.
They look extremely high, but very comfortable.

Before heading off into town, clubbing. I (far right) am wearing my marc Jacobs dress I got for $20.

Sweet Temptation

Sophisticated Innocence

Simply Elegant

Classic Modernism


  1. those miu miu heels! To die for

  2. I will never get over those heels. they are amazing.
    I'm thinking about trying to get the red ones instead of buying a new dress for prom!
    how did you get a MJ dress for 20??

  3. Thanks for your comment.
    I love your dress and what a bargain.

  4. I agree I am obsessed with those MIu Miu shoes! I need a pair in my closet asap xoxo!