Friday, July 2, 2010

Cut off tights and ripped denim shorts
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I have seen a lot of people - in magazines, blogs, advertisements and in street style (of models and random people) - wearing cut off leggings (silky, lacey and cotton materials above the knees) and cut off denim shorts together, and some just wearing the leggings by themselves.
Do you like this trend? Would you wear cut off leggings and shorts together? Or just one or the other? Or none?


(Some images from carolinesmode)


  1. wow! these images are making me wanna jump out of bed and go into the world wearing someone are fashionable and hot as these lovely ladies. especially the cut off jeans and leggins...SEXY TO THE MAX!


  2. i wear them all the time! Love them! they are so great under shorts skirts and shorts xxx

  3. Thank you :)
    Nice post, love shorts with :)


  4. I wear them all the time - they are brilliant to wear under everything, especially if a dress is a little short and you want to be safe in case the wind blows..........
    Check out our latest blog post where I am wearing them to create a sporty chic look.
    Great choice of topic for a post - some people love them some hate...
    Greetings from Ireland