Sunday, January 17, 2010

Doc / Dr Martens
I love them. I have a pink pair. I also love white ones. They go with dresses, jeans, ankle-length leggings, high-waisted shorts and skirts.

I really adore this picture of Daisy Lowe. Such a cool pose. Shows that you can have so much fun in your Docs.
New Zealand blogger, and one of my style inspirations, Laura Allard-Fleischl. The black Docs really go well with her white dress. Looks comfortable and cute.

Daisy Lowe and friend Peaches. Daisy knows how to wear her Docs in style. The pink goes insanely well with black jeans. And the whole outfit looks really comfy.

I really like these high-waisted skirts, really high-waisted. Pink Docs do really look great with black, well I guess that is because black goes with pretty much anything and everything.

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  1. awesome- pink docs never thought id see the day where i would be comfortable with seeing those. hah u've turned me!