Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I found these girls....
and I fell in love with their style

Those shoes are amazing, so beautiful. I quite like brown shoes, brown leather. Sometimes they do look much better than black leather. A lovely wide high-waisted skirt and a nice scarf. A reckon a lot of skirts are not intentionally made to be high-waisted but people just seem to wear them like they are, and it does look very good. I love it.

I love Coke. This jumper looks warm and I really would like it.

Can she do no wrong? She is gorgeous, beautiful fur coat, stunning high-waisted black skirt, and I really love her shoes. Just to finish it off, a plain white T-shirt. They really can make an outfit lovely, even though it is just plain and white.

I love her bright shoes and lippy, they kind of go really well together. The headpiece is so cool, and I love high-waisted shorts. Again a plain white T-shirt. Suits anyone really.

Nice shoes, don't think I have seen them before. I love how people wear their skirts quite high, sometimes even reaching just under the bust.


  1. they are all very cute outfits! yes, i'm from auckland too :)

  2. I am now in love with the first and last one as well :)

  3. the skirt in the first one is adorable


  4. i love the outfit in the 3rd pic and the shoes in the last photo

  5. Thankyou for the comment! Much appreciated.
    My uncle lives in NZ, Auckland?
    Lovely blog! Such fascinating photos, I'm following you too.


  6. great choices of style, you got awesome fashion taste

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  7. Awesome clothes. Especially loving the girl with the high heels and the bare legs.