Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My sister and I

We share the same clothes sometimes, well a bit more than sometimes. We are basically the same height and build, even though she is 4 years younger than me. She has grown quickly, she must have my dad's genes. He's tall, my mum is, well, not so tall. Oh, how I wish she was. ;)
Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have an even better week. See you soon. xox

My sister - photos I took of her, while we were on holiday:

  • My sunglasses, on her head. Very unclear. Sorry about that.
  • White knit dress, from Salvation Army with detail around the waist.
  • $2 Grizzly boots, we got from a market.
  • Black fringe top, my sister made.
  • Silky leggings.
  • Brown fringe boots.

  • Dotti skirt
  • Bracelet, worn as an anklet
  • Havaianas flip-flops/jandals.

  • Nike Airs
  • Op shop Blazer - $25
  • Assorted bracelets
  • JeansWest top
  • JayJays denim shorts

Me at school. My tall, pretty, artistic genius, friend, sneakily took this photo of me and my hair.


  1. ommmggg your hair is perfection

  2. Katie ! Your comment made my day ! Our sites are not soo popular but I'm sure they will be :D Polish people (especially young) are very open and communicative - they love having fun :D If you happen to visit Poland, let me know :D All the best :D

  3. ew you can see me in one of those

  4. What has happened to your blog missy? haha You deleted all the posts.
    You are sorta blurry so not that visible in the photo. don't stress. lol.

  5. Lovely pics!
    Love the blog! =)