Thursday, June 24, 2010

Various Collages and stunning photographs
I hope everyone is having a good week and sorry for not posting for a while, had some exams and have just been to see Grease the production at my high school. Last year was my last year at school and they did it the year I left, I really wanted to do Grease. They had all real props and the actors put on amazing accents and were all great singers. I am going to see it tomorrow as I loved it so much.
Below are just some celebrities (models, actresses, TV hosts) with some outfits inspired by them, all made by different people. There are also some photos of New Zealand's beautiful scenery, and a kiddy photo of me.

Leather shorts. I'm saving up. (=

Emma Watson (hellohanna)

Dakota Fanning (Miss-Sweety-Bella AND ivett26)

Alexa Chung (KateParis)

Looks amazing right?

Abbey Lee Kershaw (BlueYarden)
Lake Pukaki

Chanel Iman (TheComi)
Me with my sister. I was feeding one of my boy friend's lambs (boy friend not boyfriend ;p )


  1. I remember feeding the lambs as a littlie and man do they yank on the bottle!!! Must be a kiwi-kid right of passage?

    I have leather shorts but need another pair. Thoughts on best place to get?

  2. I'm terrible at feeding lambs, i did it at my cousins farm and i dropped the bottle because i totally didn't expect them to yank that hard!

    those leather shorts look amaaazing, i am also saving for a pair (:

    thanks for visiting my blog, i love yours!