Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ashley Olsen. Mary-Kate Olsen. Both starting most of the fashion trends known to women? And men? I think so...

Turbans, Fur, Gladiator Sandals, Ripped Denim, Sequins, Heels, Boots.

Turbans. They show that this fashion accessory can be worn casually (Ashley shows this) or formally (as seen on Mary-Kate). Prada were one of the first labels to bring turbans into their collections.

Fur. High, high Giambattista Valli style Heels. Heavy black eye make up.

Gladiator sandals. Knee-high Gladiator sandals, which Mary-Kate is a fan of. They look great with her leather/feather bag by the way, and the plain, black, long-sleeved dress.
Ripped tights, black buckled boots, leather jacket, just so perfect.

Naturally wavy, long, gorgeous, damp looking hair. Paired with something the total opposite - a multi coloured 3/4 length sleeve, above the knee, sequinned dress. This strong contrast really does creates an overall gorgeous outfit.

Good old ripped jeans, as seen in Balmain's 2009 Spring collection.

Erin Wasson, Model and fashion Designer wears her fur vest exceptionally well. And Mary-Kate, the one who supposedly, and not surprisingly, started this trend. Great paired with black boots, heels, and a sequinned, silver, oversized purse.

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  1. I just love MK and A's style! Thanks for stopping by my blog... I appreciate it so much! :) xx