Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Things I've made, things I love, my photography, outfits, cheap finds, other stuff...

What to wear when you don't know what to wear??!!

I never come across bargains like this anymore, these were oone off lucky finds.
$5 sneakers, lasted me years.
$6 bag, also lasted me years.
$3 blacks 7/8 jeans.
$20 frilly gathered top, at the top.
Multi coloured knit scarf I made.

In the backyard. It's so nice and warm outside. And quiet.
White high waisted denim shorts I have just occasionally worn for the past 5 years, the more I grew, the lower I had to wear them.
My top says something about girls listening to their metal rock music too loud, which I don't, but it was a gift and I quite liked it so I sometimes wear it. haha.

Bee costume, with Antenna, I made for my friend, for a school assessment a few years back...

I love the white shoes and long black socks, and Julia's leggings and heels combo is fantastic. She makes dressing stylishly seem so effortless and simple.

Tavi. Alexa Chung, who's clogs i would like to own, a lot.

Tavi-the new girl in town. In borrowed Miu Miu. This photo and pose couldn't possibly get any better. Perfect.

I love your new blonde hair Miss Frakes.

This photo is one of those rare moments you capture. I took a photo of a bird flying to it's family and the nest they made in some gaps at the 2nd story of my house. You can see another bird just trying to get into the gap.

Collage I made, including my photos...


  1. Wicked post...doesn't Tavi look so...modelly now? Clogs. Agreed.

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  3. i love vintage finds!:) you are so gorgeous;) hehe the bee costume!

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    xx .sabo skirt.