Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outfits and various pieces I like right now and some more photos with of my sister and the beach, by me.

Ice-cream scoop, with a flake. Cute.

I would love a cut out one piece, never owned one before, only those standard one pieces for swimming lengths in.

These 3 outfits, by these 3 gorgeous gals, were voted as soem of the best 2009 street styles.

Chanel Iman in Opening Ceremony boots, modelled by Chloe Sevigny in a campaign, and I want them. please. She is also wearing a ripped top and leggings, as seen on the Japanese girl in the first photo.

Sun, Sand, Surf, Surfers..... Sort of....
Photos I took of my sister at a beach up north. Luckily it was there was great weather, and very few people were on the beach. There are usually many surfers that use this public beach, but it was late morning on a Saturday, so they were possibly taking a break for lunch or gossip or whatever surfers do while they aren't surfing. I'm sure they had legitimate reasons for not being there. ;]

1, 2, 3, ........ jUMP!!

Gravity sometimes fools us all... Or maybe it's Photoshop.

There are a few caves at this beach, which sometimes are impossible to walk through unless you want to get absolutely drenched and go swimming in your clothes.


    My sister has like...over 5 cut out one piece bathers...I should steal one and send it to you haha

  2. LOve these pictures ! Amazing ! You have a very nice blog !