Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The pool at the place my family and I stayed at for a few nights, north of Auckland, New Zealand, where I live. It changed colour every 10 seconds at night. From blue, to red, to purple to green. Looks better in real life though.

My sister, taken by me, at a quiet, black sand beach in New Zealand, with a long wharf at one end.
Inspiration, Fashion Photographers work, and my random beach photos (above)

^ Viktor and Rolf's Hole-y Moley collection
Tables? Seats? Decorations? Edible?

Miroslava Duma. Wow, leather, high waisted shorts. I like.

^ Both shot by Tim Walker

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's , well it actually kinda looks like a bird and has parts of a plane on it so maybe it is both. ;)

Tim Walker again. What a great fashion photography, beautiful work. Stunning, magical, creative.


  1. so beautiful - i love yoru photography and the cut out dreses are really awesoem

  2. thankyou fro your gorgeous words:) aw that fab ou have faily here, yeah i think there are quite alot of NZers in aus, maybe more on the east coast, thats where everthing happens....we're quite the loners in perth;) following you too dearie, and have an amaizng sunday

  3. Lovely pics :) Miroslava always looks great, those shorts are amazing. The Sartorialist has some great shots of her x

  4. We are so in love with leather high waisted shorts at the moment.

    xx .sabo skirt.