Saturday, May 1, 2010

One of New Zealand's most Successful models at the moment

Zippora Seven. Without makeup she looks cute,pretty and natural, with makeup she looks hot, gorgeous and sexy. Yes, I am straight by the way. haha.
She has been in many magazines, including Russh, NO. Magazine, French Vogue, and Australian Vogue. She has become so successful even though she is a petitie 5'7, which is almost the bare minmum for a runway model.
She looks like a cross between Kate Moss and Mary-Kate Olsen.

French Vogue

No makeup look.

Updating photos at her New Zealand mother agency 62 models and Talent.

Original 62models agency photos, where she proudly wears a top saying 'I HATE MALE MODELS' which looks hand painted.

Kate Sylvester look.

This is one of the looks from the Ruby 2010 Winter collection. Ruby is a New Zealand label.

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  1. Zippora...NZ's Got Talent!!!

    Brilliant post....she is awesomely/insanely/naturally beautiful.

    I too am straight but you gotta appreciate her babe-ness!